Select from the list of bird families below to see a selection of species we have seen and perhaps photographed. Your selection will take you to more information such as locations sighted, maps and species information.
We make use of a few icons in the hope of helping clarify whether you are looking at an Order of species, a Family, or an individual species.

All species seen Species 1203 STRUTHIONIFORMES Ostriches, Emus, Cassowaries and Kiwis Species 2 GALLIFORMES Fowl, Partridges and Pheasants Species 25 ANSERIFORMES Ducks, Geese and Swans Species 39 PODICIPEDIFORMES Grebes Species 4 PHOENICOPTERIFORMES Flamingos Species 1 COLUMBIFORMES Pigeons and Doves Species 44 PTEROCLIFORMES Sandgrouse Species 1 CAPRIMULGIFORMES Frogmouths, Nightjars, Swifts and Hummingbirds Species 27 CUCULIFORMES Cuckoos Species 40 GRUIFORMES Bustards, Rails, Crakes and Cranes Species 14 OTIDIFORMES Bustards, Rails, Crakes and Cranes Species 1 MUSOPHAGIFORMES Turacos Species 1 SPHENISCIFORMES Penguins Species 1 PROCELLARIIFORMES Storm-petrels, Albatrosses and Shearwaters Species 4 CICONIIFORMES Storks Species 9 PELECANIFORMES Pelicans, Herons and Ibises Species 41 SULIFORMES Frigatebirds, Boobies and Cormorants Species 16 CHARADRIIFORMES Waders Species 99 STRIGIFORMES Owls Species 26 ACCIPITRIFORMES Osprey, Hawks and Eagles Species 63 TROGONIFORMES Trogons Species 8 BUCEROTIFORMES Hornbills and Hoopoes Species 22 CORACIIFORMES Kingfishers, Rollers and Bee-eaters Species 46 PICIFORMES Toucans, Barbets and Woodpeckers Species 52 FALCONIFORMES Falcons and Caracaras Species 11 PSITTACIFORMES Parrots and Cockatoos Species 26 PASSERIFORMES Passerines Species 575

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